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Barbie Ray Designs
Are you looking for some guidance on your logo, website or marketing material? Have a great idea, but not quite sure how to present it to the world? Let me help you translate your business goals and vision into a well-crafted design. I’m Barbie and I’m at your service. Barbie Ray Designs offers graphic design services specializing in logo, web and brand identity. Let’s make something great together!
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Maslows Mediums
Social Media Management 1.5 billion Facebook users means 20% of the world is on Facebook and a majority of your target market is there too. This means that social media connection and communication is vital to the success of your business. Paid Advertisement Management Whether it be Google, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, there is plenty of opportunity to expand your reach through the use of paid ads. We can create and manage targeted ads based on geography and user interest, ensuring every penny is well spent. SEO The ever changing landscape of SEO can be difficult to navigate, understand and keep up with. Having a team that knows what needs to be done and who will make sure it gets done, when things change, is priceless. Websites Having a website is just as important as it has ever been. Having a functioning website with the features and information your customers and potential customers need to make decisions and contact you is vital. Video Marketing YouTube is hugely popular. People watch videos all day long. We can create and promote targeted videos that will be seen by your target audience through youtube and social media platforms. Design, Branding & Animation Yes, we provide all those services. We will promote your brand through the use of photos, videos and animation, utilizing your companies existing imagery and/or imagery created exclusively for your company.
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METHODIC Marketing
We help promote business growth through strategic analysis and digital creatives. Our only job is to convince a target audience to click that button, join that list, or to buy that thing. Good thing our METHODIC team of experts are made up of analysts capable of identifying your target audience, strategists capable of understanding what they want, and technologists with the know-how to get it to them. Engage a target audience and we build a bond. Continue consistent delivery and we build a brand. That is why we formulate all of our content creatives around a business’s target audience and maintain a consistent distribution frequency unique to the targeted audience. We provide businesses strategic methods to the madness. Schedule your free consultation with METHODIC today, and let us grow your business together!
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R&R Business Solutions
We are a marketing agency focusing on creative, effective result driven solutions to help see your visions through to a final product. We are helping build the foundation for your brand, to promote your business / event. Once the design process is finalized, we use state-of-art printing equipment to bring your business designs to life.
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XCEL Creative
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